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Saturday, 3 November 2007

The Art of the Cash Register

There are three very interesting current exhibitions at the Royal Academy (and that's without mentioning Zhang Huan's extraordinary, giant, Three Legged Buddha in the RA forecourt). There was so much to see today I wouldn't be surprised if I popped back on Monday. The most striking of the three is a retrospective of the work of German artist Georg Baselitz (if you're a podcast sort of person you can download a little spiel on him from the RA website). But on my way out I noticed this little message from the sponsors, Eurohypo. Call me a superannuated old leftie but isn't there something a little impudent about a sponsoring bank equating its "creativity" with that of a major artist? Thanks for the cash, folks, but this is an art exhibition not a corporate PR jolly.

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Sophie Ruby said...

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