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Thursday, 30 April 2009

London's Second Hand Bookshops: No 2

Continuing my occasional series about the vanishing species of second hand bookshops, this is the Marchmont Bookshop at 39 Burton Street London WC1 (0207 387 7989.) It's the nearest to the British Library (if you discount the remainder shops) and is tucked away behind Cartwright Gardens.  Those trays you can see outside often turn up literary gems.  Just now I was tempted by the first Penguin edition of William Golding's Pincher Martin at £2.50 until I remembered I already had a copy.  Inside, the emphasis is mostly literary with a remarkable selection of 20th century poetry.  This shop seemed to go very quiet a couple of years ago and I thought it was defunct but it is now trading regularly again and well worth a poke about.  And it has the best wisteria of any bookshop in town.

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