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Thursday, 7 January 2010


I don't mean to be rude but when mid-Wales was covered in snow last week it somehow didn't seem to be as grave as when it actually fell in London – giving Gandhi in Tavistock Square, semi-naked on his plinth, a tonsure of white overnight. London and the south-east still think of themselves as the centre of the universe and until something occurs inside the M25 it's not judged a real event at all.

These sheep, however, in the Radnor Valley in the Welsh Marches, after most of it had melted, and before the second dose, don't seem offended.

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Minnie said...

Perhaps it's because snowfall in London is more rare than in e.g. the Radnor Forest. And London, being far more populous than Powys, suffers far more disruption via snow/ice. Just a thought (from someone who spent 25 years living & working in London, + a few years on the Welsh Marches) ...
Have enjoyed reading your blog, & envy you attendance @ the John Banville reading (although in Ireland he's often regarded in a less charmed and charming light!). Was impressed by his state-of-the-nation crime debut: recommended if you like the genre.
Thank you for some new additions to my booklist; will now look out for your titles.