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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Amazing Amazon: Part Two

The Amazon saga continues as I discover their "three strikes and you're out" policy of dealing with customers.  I mentioned in my last post their appallingly discourteous policy of sending you an email that you can't reply to.  It is like talking to someone in a high-security compound through a tiny grille.  Each time they failed to answer my point I went laboriously back to their website to leave another comment but after my third attempt they sent a chilling statement: "We regret that we have not been able to address your concerns to your satisfaction. Unfortunately, we will not be able to offer any additional insight or action on these matters."  I think that what they were really trying to say should have been expressed with a row of asterisks.  

Amazon also claimed that once an order is placed: "we will try to source the item from our suppliers" which is indeed what has happened over the past five years of the Rack Press, but not any more because there has been no attempt to "try to source the item" from this year's titles as disgruntled customers have been telling me.  I know this for a fact because I am the person who would supply such a request.  The net result is that Amazon refuses to discuss the matter any further, refuses to remove my titles from the website, in spite of the inaccurate statements there, and refuses to source any of the items it insists on listing.  They are as responsive as an absolutist monarch or a Stalinist apparatchik.

Still, it is comforting to read their slogan: "We strive to be Earth's Most Customer-Centric Company. Your feedback helps us build it."

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Anonymous said...

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charles said...

I wrote about Amazon in similar terms on the CB editions blog, also in February (sonofabook.blogspot.com/2010/02/spinal-deformities.html). Maddening. A possible model of how to approach an institution that simply refuses to respond is suggested by Yann Martel's deeply funny What Is Stephen Harper Reading? (www.whatisstephenharperreading.ca).