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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Talking About Edward Thomas 17 June

I will be talking to Jean Moorcroft Wilson, author of a new biography of Edward Thomas, at an event at the London Review Bookshop on 17th June.

I leave you with a quotation from his fragment of autobiography The Childhood of Edward Thomas (1938) where he describes himself as “a citizen’s son of London in the ‘eighties of the nineteenth century".  Reading that book and the biography one realises how much this great celebrant of the English and Welsh countryside was a child of the south London suburbs (and explicitly saw himself as such).


Lord Richard said...

I think you have Charlotte Mew being born at 10 Doughty Street when - notwithstanding many references to the contrary - she was actually born and brought up at 30 Doughty Street. I have sent away for a copy of your 'Bloomsbury and the Poets' but it has not come yet.

Best regards

Richard Ekins

Nicholas Murray said...

You are quite right; it is 30 and I have stopped outside several times when leading a guided walk. I am not sure how 30 became 10 but will be corrected in future editions. I am sorry you have not had your copy yet. Did you order directly from us by Paypal?

Lord Richard said...

Oops! I should have done. I'm afraid it is coming through a third party using Amazon.uk