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Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Another Poem for Today

Western Wind

Western wind, when will thou blow,
The small rain down can rain?
Christ, if my love were in my arms
And I in my bed again!

Anonymous poem from:-

The New Oxford Book of Sixteenth Century Verse
edited by Emrys Jones, p44.


Anne said...

One of my favourite poems of all time - but I prefer the original spelling:

Westron winde when will thou blow,
The smalle raine downe can raine?
Christ if my love were in my armes,
And I in my bed againe.

Nicholas Murray said...

I agree the original spelling gives it that extra flavour of authenticity but I only had a modernised text to hand when I suddenly recalled it. Glad you liked it. These short anonymous fragments (or whole poems) are often peculiarly affecting. I'll dig another one out shortly!