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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Launch of Acapulco by Nicholas Murray

An enjoyably convivial evening to mark World Book Night last night through the launch of my new poetry collection, Acapulco (see previous post for details).  Here I am reading from the book (available online from Melos Press) watched by Peter Tatchell who was the dedicatee of one of the poems in the collection, 'Courage'.  The poem was suggested by Peter and friends' courageous defiance of the bigots of Moscow who attacked the gay pride demonstrators while the forces of 'law and order' looked the other way.

for Peter Tatchell
Today is the day
to clean the streets
of the gay-proud.
The shavenskulls slip
like loosed dogs
into the chanting crowd
to scatter their mayhem
under the benevolent eye
of the ‘security forces’
whose black boots
firmly cleave to
the frozen ground.
It is the mania of hatred:
each lashing out 
at what he fears
like a man whose wild hands
fight off a swarm
of angry bees.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

World Book Night: Shakespeare and I

Next Monday 23rd April has been designated World Book Night (as well as being Shakespeare's birthday) and it is being celebrated all over the country with various events (see below).

It is also my own birthday and the day of the launch of my latest book of poetry, Acapulco: New and Selected Poems (Melos) so it will be an exciting day all round I hope. I see from the organisers of the event that there will be candlelight readings up and down the land but I think they are planning normal lighting at my launch at Lumen in Tavistock Place in Bloomsbury.

In addition to one million books being given away by 20,000 volunteers and distributed by charities in prisons, hospitals and schools in disadvantaged communities, the organisers say that World Book Night will see tens of thousands of people getting involved in hundreds of free, public reading events taking place in libraries, bookshops, art centres and open public spaces.  For example at the Southbank Centre the World Book Night flagship event will be screened for everyone to see via big screens in art venues and libraries around the country and on the World Book Night website

The World Book Night website at www.worldbooknight.org has the latest details for all events.

I am not giving away any books but here is a free poem from my new collection which can be ordered online from www.melospress.blogspot.com

Thanks to Sarah Crown of The Guardian for the mention on her blog.


How Daphne might have felt
as she ran from the breathy Apollo
(before her skin was bark, her feet roots,
her arms boughs in wild semaphore,
her fingernails the bitter leaf
destined for a victor’s crown)
I felt in that nightmare of pursuit
one is always destined to wake from.


Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Acapulco: New and Selected Poems

My new book of poems: Acapulco: New and Selected Poems, officially published on 23rd April, is now available to order on line from Melos Press at £10.  I will now hand you over to the Melos blurb:-

New and Selected Poems
Nicholas Murray
Nicholas Murray was born in Liverpool and now lives in
Wales and London. He has written critically acclaimed
biographies of Bruce Chatwin, Matthew Arnold,
Andrew Marvell, Aldous Huxley, and Franz Kafka.
He has also published two novels, A Short Book about Love,
and Remembering Carmen, and books on Victorian travellers, Liverpool and Bloomsbury. 
He runs the poetry imprint Rack Press and is a Fellow of the Welsh Academy.
Acupulco contains nearly thirty new poems and work drawn
from the earlier collections, Plausible Fictions and The
Narrators. It concludes with the full text of Get Real!
a powerful verse satire on the coalition Government
which was performed by the Iris Theatre Company
at St Paul's Covent Garden in 2011.
Praise for Nicholas Murray's poetry:
“From the opening lines of 'Landscapes' we are in the
company of a voice that quietly but compellingly makes
itself heard... Throughout these poems, shadows, absences,
and possibilities stalk the tyranny of mere fact...”
David Wheatley, Thumbscrew
“Precise and rather mysterious poems” 
John Fuller
“...his clear sense of internal rhythm and strong feeling
for the well-honed phrase”
 Sarah Crown, The Guardian  
Acapulco is published by 
Melos Press
38 Palewell Park
London SW14 8JG